Inspired: London – A Guide to Handmade in London

I am very excited to be included in the Inspired: London – A Guide to Handmade in London book, which is being launched on the 10th and 11th November. It will be available to buy from We Make London and also from selected bookshops.

Constructing with Constructivists

Back in 2010, Tate Modern’s Constructing a New World exhibition gave me the inspiration for a quilt based on Theo Van Doesburg’s Counter-Composition VI, pictured below:

Theo Van Doesburg

Counter-Composition VI 1925

Seems to me Van Doesburg may have been a frustrated quilter, as quite a few of his pieces lend themselves beautifully to quilts. My take on it took a little longer in the making than planned, but I am pretty happy with the results, shown below:

Quilt detail

Quilt Detail

Overall it was an interesting experiment in quilt design, that I thoroughly enjoyed and I am tempted to try some other variations, including the same piece with a more uniform background.