Handmade books – Walks through great cities

Having just finished the last of a set of three handmade books based on cities (available to buy now from the shop) I thought it would be good to give more of an insight into how they came about.

They are a collaboration between my husband, Jon, and me. Jon pens the words and I produce the illustrations and construct and bind the books by hand. The books are constructed from a single sheet of 200gsm A4 paper with a card cover.

London, Paris, New York

London, Paris and New York

Each book takes the tone of a couple walking through a city reflecting on aspects of a relationship. The trilogy started with London – this first book hints at the serendipity of meeting that one special person amongst a city of millions. The second book, based in Paris, reflects on how time spent discovering a special city with a loved one is to be cherished and not rushed. Finally, the New York book is about remembering to nurture a relationship, to value how a relationship develops and ensuring it is not taken for granted.

There is just a touch of melancholy about them. Hopefully they convey something of the fragile vitality of a relationship.

Each book works equally well independently or as a lovely little trio. I have also made a box for the set of three which I’m really pleased with. The box also reflects the three cities in its construction.

London, Paris, New York

Set of three handmade books. ‘Walks through great cities’

Hopefully people will enjoy owning them as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!