Critical Tensions

I attended the 10th Annual conference at the St Bride Library last week. There were some fascinating things discussed, and it was very inspiring.

A couple of the highlights were as follows:

GraphicDesign& – Creates and Commissions new work to explore how graphic design connects with the wider world and the value that it brings. GraphicDesign& partners graphic design with other subject areas in order to publish books, host events and bring news to the culturally curious of collaboration that demonstrates just how much good design matters.  I particularly like the collaboration between Graphic Design and Literature, check out Page 1.

Stack Independent Magazine Subscriptions – Stack is a unique service that brings together the best independent English language magazines from around the world and delivers them direct to your home. Beautifully made and offering an intelligent, alternative view of films, music, art and whatever else crosses their pages, they guarantee a fresh perspective on the world. Every Stack delivery is a surprise – you never know what you’re going to get next, but you do know that it will be an excellent independent magazine that you probably wouldn’t otherwise have found. Check them out.

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